SahiSystem Company (PJS) was established in 1370 with the aim of consulting activities and engineering studies.

Subject of company activities is:

  1. Feasibility studies and preliminary development of oil and gas reservoirs and energy
  2. Optimization studies, production forecasts and related economic calculations
  3. Set up and process information repositories and relevant databases
  4. Study of the upstream and downstream industries
  5. Performing services in oil and gas fields such as drilling and well side service pyrotechnics, wells march and ...
  6. Studies on maintenance of equipment, utilities and oil and gas machinery
  7. Attracting foreign and domestic investment, domestic partnerships with domestic and foreign affairs and obtaining foreign and domestic company representations
  8. To do all commerce activities with both domestic and foreign company
  9. Technical affairs and quality control inspection operations in oil and gas fields
  10. Management Engineering services in Oil and Gas Affairs and upstream and downstream industries

Following changes in SahiSystem management that during the past years occurred, created major changes in its management staff and new specialties in the field of environmental engineering, HSE and professional training was added to SahiSystem company. Special focus and attention are paid to the following matters:

  1. Projects with emphasis on environmental engineering, projects in oil pollution of water resources or soil
  2. HSE management system projects, including spreading the use of HSE passport system, its database and related software analyst for the oil and energy sector
  3. Training emphasized on the fields of soil pollution, surface water and groundwater, environmental and other aspects of professional training with HSE ASSE, EPA, ET & T and was focused on internal experts.