In today's world is trying to staff health and the environment more and more attention is to. This is when the subject of scrutiny strengths industry, energy and the issues are.

With a glimpse of statistics and incidents in recent years, for example four main subsidiary companies of the Oil Ministry, while there is a decline incidents in processes and of course the relative incident indices of Oil Ministry control process, but we also have the intensity of repeated random incidents in some companies we also have indicated that the fragmentation and sometimes non-standard performance work within a defined system of safety management in companies mentioned. Reviews show that most safety problems and related losses are due to lack of systematic methods and sometimes because of safety guidelines not being up to date.

Therefore, for benefiting from a proper system in the direction of the final goal of management and quality the need for HSE is appreciated. The start of HSE management is preparing of comprehensive data bank software with the capability of future changes.

With the help of are experts and engineers we have endeavored to establish HSE systems in the following formats:

  1. Web based database with magnetic cards correlated to data
  2. Design of HSE Passport
  3. Holding HSE training courses