The following is a very small part of the activities in the three groups mentioned above that managers and experts from SahiSystem have taken in active role in completing:

Environmental sector activities:

SahiSystem company experts have had experience in large system project management in the environmental field, including the following can be mentioned:

  1. Joint Management of $ 500 million Project in Oscoda Michigan Super fund cleanup Chloride Hydrocarbon pollution in soil and groundwater (Wurtsmith Air Force Base America). This project includes the identification process, analysis, design, implementation and monitoring framework and a mathematical model of two-dimensional computer that has been created.
  2. cleaning heavy metals-contaminated site in Dearborn, Michigan, jointly between the University of Michigan and the company AVI / NESA for General Motors. This project included the design process, implementation and create two-dimensional model for numerical simulation of Phytoremediation for the final operation.
  3. Design mathematical models and computer simulation on the movement of soil and water contaminants penetrate the soil for contaminants non-point and point in America
  4. Supervision on the studies of soil contamination to heavy metals in Khark island
  5. Project to determine coefficients of gas pollutants from stacks of Power plants for Irans Department of Environment
  6. Monitoring studies of heavy metal pollution in Zohreh river water
  7. Monitoring water quality studies of Seemeeneh and Zohreh Rivers for Irans Department of Environment
  8. Codification of common management reporting guidelines EBS, EIA for steel industry development plans for Irans Department of Environment
  9. locate industrial development projects in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, including participation in the development and optimization
  10. Senior Consultant in Tehran Refinery environmental project affairs (1386 and 1387)
  11. Supervision of clearing operations in contaminated soils and waters of the of Tehran Refinery under Department of Environment (1385)
  12. Management of technical advice and supervision of conceptual engineering and environmental projects Tehran Refinery
  13. Management of technical advice and supervision of engineering concept recovery operations, extraction of oil in soil and groundwater and soil cleanup in Tehran Oil Refining Co.
  14. EBS and EIA services for campus Pardis Cham (south coast of the Caspian Sea)
  15. National consultation for the Stockholm Convention with persistent organic pollutants
  16. JICA's senior consultant in developing priorities in Environmental Projects supported by the Iran and Japans governments.
  17. Manage the design and numerical models for national trends move in multiple environments porosity of oil pollution on the water
  18. Manage the design and numerical model for national projects Pump & Treat for oil pollution cleanup dissolved in water and soils contaminated
  19. Preparing a manual for sampling and refining of soils and waters contaminated with oil
  20. Developing national identification and analysis of cleaning methods and refining of oil pollution in the Persian Gulf, including methodology, conceptual engineering, design and create the model and provide detailed engineering design
  21. and many other projects

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Academic activities:

  1. Participation in management staff - Executive Conference Sharif University for HSE
  2. Management Science - Executive Conference, Amir Kabir University of HSE
  3. Teaching courses for HSE managers (5 days) for Science and Technology Development Center, Sharif University
  4. 3 day HSE courses at Rahbaran Petrochemical Company
  5. One day teaching courses and 3-day HSE management for professionals in the Oil Ministry, Amir Kabir University of Technology
  6. Run training courses for HSE deputy for department of environment in the human environments
    implementation of HSE training for deputies of the Environmental Protection Agency and Provincial Administrators
  7. Run the common course management quality and groundwater pollution with EPA experts for experts of the Environment, Ministry of Oil, Water and Electricity and consultants of Environment and Water of Iran
  8. Design and implement training Risk Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Management for the Oil Ministry and experts of PetroVietnam
  9. Developing the M.Sc. program for HSE graduate with the help of Birmingham University in England and Heisenberg of Germany, which will run soon
  10. Teaching HSE at several universities in Iran, and many other educational projects

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HSE activities:

  1. HSE advice and the administration and procedures for the Oil Ministry
  2. HSE advice for National Iranian Oil Company
  3. Consultation researched for HSE National Oil Refining and Distribution Company
  4. Consulting Research - HSE training for National Iranian Petrochemical Company
  5. HSE Management for one of the private companies responsible for developing South Pars phases 15 and 16
  6. HSE Management for one of the companies responsible for oil drilling and development of Kish gas field (offshore)
  7. Supervision of HSE exploration drilling operations onshore oil exploration for the government
  8. HSE management system developed for one of the major companies in service industries downstream oil Panels
  9. Study and advice for MAPNA HSE Gap Analysis
  10. Design and creation of a comprehensive HSE Passport and software for the energy industries of Iran
  11. and many other projects

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